Why Blogging for Business is Important

The Benefits of Blogging for Business [...]

Make Your Website Social Media-Friendly or Else!

By Israel Isassi February 13, 2018

As of December 2017, there were over 3.9 billion people using the internet. While that’s a huge number, it represents just under 52 percent of the world’s population. Years ago, the saying was “two heads are better than one”, and now it’s more like “3.9 billion heads are better than one”. We’re constantly connected through our phones, email, and social media sharing knowledge. This makes it impractical to live and work in silos. We must do what we can to make our websites work well with the various social media platforms so that visitors can more easily find and share the information they are searching for. We’re going to address some key methods for doing so in this article. [...]

10 Marketing Tips for Opening a Retail Store

By Megan F. Salch January 28, 2018 Tags: Retail Marketing

Whether you're opening your first retail store or adding an additional location, marketing the grand opening is critical to letting local consumers know about your shop and enticing buyers to visit early and often. Here are 10 marketing tips for opening a retail store with consumers ready to buy. [...]