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    The Seven Don’ts of Snapchat

    Companies have a great opportunity to reach out to their audience and attract new attention to their brand using Snapchat. However, it’s important to know the DOs and DON’Ts. Here are seven examples of things not to do with your business Snapchat account.

    1. Don’t go off brand or post irrelevant content.

    brandon-morgan-32879 2.jpgWhen using Snapchat for business, keep your content closely related to what your target audiences’ interests are. Don’t go off brand or post irrelevant content that won’t appeal to them. Every snap posted should tie in some way back to your brand.

    1. Don’t post long stories.

    Snapchat is about keeping your stories short and entertaining for your audience. Don’t post long stories that need multiple snaps to tell the story. Posting 10 stories to your snap at 10 seconds each is the maximum you want to post at a time. 20 stories = 200 seconds is too long and will make your audience lose interest.

    1. Don’t post too many snaps with sound.

    This may be something most people don’t think about. Most Snapchat users watch their Snapchats in public places like standing in line at Starbucks, where they can’t hear the volume because it is too loud or somewhere that they can’t have the volume turned up. Make sure to limit the number of snaps posted with volume so those followers don’t miss important information from your snap since they can’t go back to watch it.

    1. Don’t make your Snapchat content the same as your other social media platforms.

    As said in part 2 of the Snapchat series, How Snapchat Can Help Your Business, your followers expect that you will have iphone snap (2).jpgfresh content on each individual platform. Don’t post the same content on Snapchat that you would on Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat is supposed to be a more personal social media platform than the others so make sure that it’s fresh every time. However, when you post behind the scenes at an event on Snapchat, promote that behind-the-scenes story on your other social media platforms. That way your followers on other platforms can see that you are showing content on Snapchat that they can’t see on Facebook or Instagram. Plus, it will keep them on their toes about what you are doing.

    1. Don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your followers.

    Snapchat is a great platform to engage with your followers. Don’t miss an opportunity to hold a Q&A session on your Snapchat account. As covered in How Snapchat Can Help Your Business part 2, before an event like a Q&A or an event that you will be attending, promote it on your other social media channels. That way, people who are following you on either Facebook or Instagram who don’t already follow you on Snapchat will gain interest in doing so and those who do follow you will know to go look at your Snapchat Stories at a certain time.

    1. Don’t cut your message short.

    This also may be something that most don’t know about. Snapchat limits you on the character count of your message when typing it in directly to Snapchat. To avoid this when you have a long message to write on your snaps, use apps like Apple™ Notes on your phone to copy and paste your message into the Snapchat text box. Snapchat will then let you type as much text as you need to get your message across to your audience.

    1. Don’t avoid creating a Snapchat account for fear of not knowing how to use it.

    At first glance, Snapchat can seem a little intimidating. Don’t miss out on the opportunity Snapchat can bring to your business because you don’t know how to use it. If you need help getting started with Snapchat, read How Snapchat Can Help Your Business part 1 & part 2  or contact Tell Your Tale. We will be happy to go through some basics or provide a quote on developing the strategy for all your social channels.

    By Halie Dittemore March 01, 2017 0 Comments

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