Importance of Creating Customer Profiles of Your Ideal Clients

By Megan F. Salch April 30, 2018

Whether your business is in growth mode or an established organization with a large customer database, understanding your clients, what motivates them to buy from you, and how to find more prospects like them is essential for business success. Writing customer profiles or “personas” helps crystallize who your ideal clients are, what makes them tick and what they need from you to complete purchases. Without that type of information, business leaders find their teams are trying a host of activities to make sales, but they aren’t being strategic, leading to wasted time and costs.  [...]

Benefits of Professional Graphic Design to Business

By Megan F. Salch April 17, 2018 Tags: graphic design houston

Creative Thinking Fuels Graphic Design, Grabs Prospects' Attention As an executive at an established business, you may believe your graphic design needs are far behind you. With a logo and brand standards set, it’s easy to overlook the multitude of opportunities to use graphic design to boost your brand’s visibility. You may be focused on growing your customer base and developing new product offerings, but there is plenty of room to use graphic design to illustrate the benefits that your organization provides customers. Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand or need a memorable advertisement that draws new customers to your business, graphic design remains an important aspect of any growing business. There are measurable benefits of professional graphic design. [...]

Five Tips for a Successful Retail Website Launch

The day has arrived. After investing money, your time, energy and talent and that of your team on developing your business’ new website, launch day is here! If you're like most people, you’re comfortable with consuming information from the Internet, but putting a new website out there is not in your wheelhouse. Fear not. Here are some quick tips to help have a successful retail website launch. [...]

Friction: Friend or Foe?

By Israel Isassi February 23, 2018

Managing the friction between the water and the surfboard results in achieving the desired effect, which is to look cool while successfully riding the wave. The same concept applies in most areas of business. Sometimes less friction results in a better user experience, and other times, more friction produces better results. [...]

Why Blogging for Business is Important

The Benefits of Blogging for Business Why is it important to have a business blog? Blogging once was a platform that allowed individuals to voice their opinions in an ungated way. Blogging has since evolved into a necessary tool for businesses to stay current and visible amongst customers and prospects. Let’s explore the various benefits of business blogging. [...]

Make Your Website Social Media-Friendly or Else!

By Israel Isassi February 13, 2018

As of December 2017, there were over 3.9 billion people using the internet. While that’s a huge number, it represents just under 52 percent of the world’s population. Years ago, the saying was “two heads are better than one”, and now it’s more like “3.9 billion heads are better than one”. We’re constantly connected through our phones, email, and social media sharing knowledge. This makes it impractical to live and work in silos. We must do what we can to make our websites work well with the various social media platforms so that visitors can more easily find and share the information they are searching for. We’re going to address some key methods for doing so in this article. [...]

10 Marketing Tips for Opening a Retail Store

By Megan F. Salch January 28, 2018 Tags: Retail Marketing

Whether you're opening your first retail store or adding an additional location, marketing the grand opening is critical to letting local consumers know about your shop and enticing buyers to visit early and often. Here are 10 marketing tips for opening a retail store with consumers ready to buy. [...]

How and Why to Personalize Retail Marketing

By Megan F. Salch January 26, 2018 Tags: Retail Marketing, online store

Retailers can make great strides in increased engagement, sales and referrals by relying more on personalized marketing. A recent study indicates that, “Personalization can be a huge boon for retailers and consumers. Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.”(1) How and when the personalized outreach is done is key to the campaign’s success. [...]

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Writer

By Trent Salch January 20, 2018 Tags: professional writing

What separates one company from another in any line of work? There are a lot of different answers to that question. Of course, funding is extremely important. Proper planning for growth and having an exceptional product are imperative to success. All too often, the quality of the written words used to market the business are overlooked. However, successful businesses use professional writers when building a business plan, creating new marketing material and especially when writing blogs and webpages. These are critical aspects to putting a business’ best foot forward. [...]

I Need Hosting for My WordPress Site

By Israel Isassi January 18, 2018

Once you’ve decided what Content Management System (CMS) your website will be built on, a crucial next step is determining which web host to use. We’ll be discussing how to choose a web host for WordPress websites. [...]

Managing Online Customer Reviews on Social Media Channels

By Megan F. Salch January 16, 2018 Tags: online reputation management

A business’ online presence has a strong influence on its reputation. It’s no wonder that companies are quick to build their online presence beyond a website, extending into social media sites and online business listings. The real challenge and power both exist in managing online customer reviews on them all. Not only does proper attention and diligence mold a strong, positive reputation for your business, it also helps generate more traffic to your website, which in turn can lead to more sales. It's the power of online reputation management. Here are some key tips for managing your online reputation whether you own/run a B2B organization, a restaurant or a retail location.  [...]

12 Areas of Your Website That Should Be Kept Current

By Israel Isassi January 10, 2018

As someone who loves to learn something new every chance I get, it’s exciting to see rapid advances in technology are connecting more people every day. This is also leading to a broader set of creative minds coming together to solve complex problems and inventing entirely new products and services. A lot of information is being generated as well, at times more than we can process, so we’re having to invent new ways to manage it all. Just as important is the need for up-to-date and relevant information. Secure, reliable and fast platforms to support this are required as well. We’ll be discussing both in this article. [...]

Marketing Trends in 2018 to Adopt

By Megan F. Salch January 08, 2018 Tags: Marketing

With the New Year under way, business owners are looking at marketing trends that deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI). It’s easy to spend money and time on endeavors that seem all the rage but when the efforts fall short of their investment, it’s time to reconsider. While new technologies and innovations are sure to be unveiled throughout the year, here are 5 of marketing trends to incorporate early into your 2018 marketing. [...]

10 Marketing Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

By Megan F. Salch January 04, 2018 Tags: marketing for restaurants

The love of cooking, a long history working in restaurants, free food and great people… These are a few of the reasons people cite for working in the restaurant industry. Some translate that passion into owning their own restaurant. Still, the restaurant business is not for the faint of heart and garnering a crowd of hungry customers is serious business. Here are 10 marketing tips for opening a new restaurant with patrons ready to eat and pay. [...]

How To Prepare for a Successful Trade Show

By Megan F. Salch January 03, 2018

Strategic Trade Show Planning Ensures Strong ROI  Trade shows can be a hit or miss depending on your preparedness, so it is important that you start planning early. To give you a rough estimate, start planning about 90 days in advance. In this post, we’ll walk through the critical steps on how to prepare for a successful trade show or conference to ensure good visibility and strong return on investment (ROI). [...]

Why Website Speed Matters

By Israel Isassi December 15, 2017

The rapid growth of access to high speed devices connected to high speed networks has resulted in people being able to consume a large amount of information from a wide variety of sources in a very short time period. This happens every day and every day it seems to happen faster and on a larger scale.  It’s become more important than ever to respect your customers time and provide the least path of resistance wherever possible. In this article we’re going to identify some barriers to a successful website and how to tackle those barriers. [...]

Social Media for Restaurants: How to Attract Hungry Customers

By Megan F. Salch December 05, 2017 Tags: social media for restaurants

Strategic Social Media Drives Foot Traffic into Restaurants [...]

5 Tips for Email Marketing for Restaurants

By Megan F. Salch November 30, 2017 Tags: email marketing for restaurants


A Big Win in Graphic Design Awards Houston

By Megan F. Salch November 20, 2017 Tags: graphic design awards houston

Graphic Design Awards Houston We're really excited to share that Tell Your Tale and Mentis Neuro Health have been recognized as a platinum winner for the 2017 Marcom Awards, graphic design awards presented in Houston last month. These brain injury awareness cards proved to be a clever way to break through the "clutter" and grab the attention of healthcare providers looking for experts in brain injury rehabilitation. If you're an executive looking for graphic design with an impact, this is a great project to review.  Project Description: With March dedicated as Brain Injury Awareness Month, Mentis Neuro Health sought a way to be top-of-mind with  [...]

Who wants to go to Prison?

By Trent Salch November 14, 2017 Tags: Community

For I was hungry, and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me. - Matthew 25: 35-36 No one wants to go to prison. The air in prison has weight to it. The heat in late summer forces inmates to the floors of their unairconditioned cells to seek relief on concrete. The smells that emanate from the collection of 4,100 inmates and their overseers are absurd. Some of the men I encountered will never again be free for one day in their lives because of the gravity, savagery, or number of their crimes. No one ever wants to go to prison, but it's something I volunteered to do. [...]